if you think you have what it takes to be among the elite.

We are a company always selectively hiring new talent. ( Only the best )

     If you are an experienced entertainer.  Also if you want to get into the business, personally I find young guys hungry to get their feet wet are the best entertainers.  Like the site says "some guys are born to be entertainers and others are not."    All you have to do is apply on line.  Within 24 hours some one will email you back asking what  would be a good time to call you that would be convenient to have a ten minute conversation. 

     By calling you it will help me get a feel for your personality making it easy for me to know if you have what it take to be part of Bachelorette Dancer.  

How to apply.

     All you have to do is fill out the contact form below

     - Please include;

     - ZIP CODE , City , State

     - Pics, one face, 2 body, nothing explicit.  ( In order to send pics please email directly to )

     - Experience, stage name and a little about yourself 

     - Picture of photo ID to verify age.  ( You can take this with your phone )

     - Phone # (Good times to call )    


     Mon/Wend 2PM - 7PM

     Thurs/Sat 2PM- 11PM

     Sunday Closed

     Phone 9104092661


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